This page is intended for members of the Bishop O'Byrne IB History Class as a space for the collaborative construction of knowledge artifacts. It is intended for use by class members only.

Topics and pages correspond to course content and lines of inquiry pursued by students.


When you contribute to a page please be sure to provide references (at the bottom of the page) to indicate the sources used for your information. If web based please also create a link at the bottom of the page. If in contributing to the page you make refernece to an item on the "Knowledge Objectives" portion of our guided inquiry please create a new page bearing that item as a title and link to it. On the new page provide a brief description or definition that others can expand on. When reviewing a page already created please be sure to vett any errors and open a discussion on the discussion board. Ensure that if you add information you update links and references.

If you have any concerns or issues please place a notice on the discussion board, and/or speak to Mr. Isaacs directly.

Academic integrity

It is important that your contributions to this page are authentic and original attempts to construct an academic knowledge of history.

Please ensure that you critically evaluate your sorces and communicate clearly the source for information you privide, and the analysis at least of its origin, purpose, value and limitations. If an analysis or comment is not your own, but is obtained through research please be sure to indicate this and idntify the histroian appropriately. At present I see far too much that appears to be cut and paste from other sites, or copied from other sources. This constitutes plagarism.

Remember that this page is viewable to the public and therefore should be treated as published work. Your integrity is essential to the credibility of this process of collaborative construction.

I have taken some time to try to organize the pages on this wiki. If you have added a page that does not appear on the navigation bar at the left please let me know so that I can post it. When you create a new page please make sure that you link it to the apporpriate section by clicking on the edit navigation at the bottom on the left.